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I know that you need planning permission for raised areas in a garden such as decking, that is over 30cm from the original ground level. What happens in circumstances where the rear doors to a house are 4 foot from the ground due to the house being built on a slope.

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Fascia boards on groundhugging decks often are in direct contact with the soil. Many manufacturers dont permit their products to be installed below grade, but despite this restriction, I have installed several brands of decking fascia in contact with the groundknowing that the manufacturers wont warranty the appli ionand havent noticed any problems with deterioration or

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The scottish regs say so long as the decking is no more than 30cm above ground level but you cant build sloped decking so is this ok Parts of the decking as described is more than 30cms off the ground. No part of the balustrade is more than 3 meters high and the decking does not take up more than 50 of the garden.

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For higher decking over 60cm 2ft from ground level your balustrade should be at least 120cm 4ft high. Our experts have affirmed that wherever you are required to gain Planning Permission for your garden decking, you should always assume that youll also then need to follow Building Regulations too.

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The initial phase of building a deck over a slope or on unlevel ground includes stringing lines at the perimeter and installing the concrete footings or piers for . Decking A Sloping Garden Sus Decking. Level a Sloping Garden Using Decking. In case your garden or plot of land is uneven, you may consider it a great waste of space and

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Building a deck on a slope presents several problems. The ground is not flat, so you cant simply build a level structure. You have to account for the slope grade and be sure the deck is stable and secure. This problem is one reason many decks are not built on slopes.

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Installing deck boards over sleepers is just like installing them over standard deck framing. We began with the darker accent boards, screwing them into place temporarily to act as guides for the field boards. When we reached the end of the deck, we removed the center divider board and cut it to final length.

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5/4 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. Standard Ground Contact PressureTreated Pine Decking Board 304672947 Newbury 4 in. x 4 in. Pyramid Wood Post Cap 100095712 9.97/each

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Slopingground presents a variety of challenges when you are building a deck. Since the ground is not flat, building a level deck requires accounting for the severity of the grade the land slopes to make sure your construction is stable. In fact, building a deck on sloped land creates a living and recreational space because, without a flat

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attached. This particular home had a very steep sloped gable roof. The family was concerned about the flooring for the porch is Seven Trust lowmaintenance decking. The attached deck and stairs also use this Estimate Local Roof Prices

or two. That will allow you full control over anything flat and low slope. We will design it for single ply roofing Rubber, PVC, TPO , but I think it will also be very usable for modified bitumen roofs. Not so much for tar and gravel, but still, it will be much more convenient than current app, designed for sloped roofs. We still did not decide how to

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Breaking down the process of replacing a wood deck over a slope in high fire hazard area, Brentwood Hills Los Angeles County California. SONG IS Duck Sauce

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If you have a groundlevel deck or patio and would like a bit of privacy, consider building a living wall. It can shield you from the neighbors, surround you with flowers and provide fresh herbs just steps away from your kitchen or grill. The planter boxes are easy to build, and a drip irrigation system provides automatic watering all summer

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framing to carry the roof loads. Usually a sloped roof is far more prevalent. Standard framing will framing to carry the roof loads. Usually a sloped roof is far more prevalent. Standard framing will sledgehammer is to tap tongue and groove plywood decking together. Dont forget the erasers and you

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When constructing a deck, what you place below the deck can be just as important as the materials and finishes you choose for the surface. While placing a layer of gravel on the ground below the

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ok it took me by my self nearly two days to lay out and square up the strings to mark my footings. Once you get it all square dig the furthest corners first, set the sonotube hanging in the hole up off the bottom of the ground about 1 ft. so the concrete sluffs out as a footing then before it sets up push your simpson tie into concrete, level it make sure its still square with the rest.

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Constructing a deck over a steep downward slope affords level space for entertaining and great views of a garden. Depending on the angle of the slope, the deck could also be raised on pillars to create storage or even a playspace beneath. Ground Covers So Long, Lawn: 6 Walkable Ground Covers to Consider.

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Its also worth mentioning that if your decking project has to be built more than 30cm above ground or if the decking platforms will cover more than 50 of the garden youll need to get planning permission There are many advantages of using decking to level out a slope including the fact it may add value to your home and give you access to

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Whenever I install decking over a roof, I make sure the framing is structurally sound and properly pitched to drain water. The project illustrated here was a complete teardown and rebuild, so I framed the roof with 2x8s spaced on 16in. centers, supported by a beam and a ledger as on most decks.

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Im rebuilding my deck, which is over a bit of a slope. Its easy to see from the original concrete that in the 20 years since it was built, 23 of soil have washed away in the steeper spots. When the original owner built it, he used black fabric over the ground under the half of the deck closest to the house.

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Firstly, installing decking in a sloped garden creates a sturdy level surface on which garden furniture, play furniture, potted plants and other garden accessories can be placed. On a sloped garden, not only will garden furniture such as chairs be likely to fall over, but they may also sink into the ground. Storage

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Understanding the differences between earlygeneration Seven Trust decking and new highperformance Seven Trust decking is an important factor in understanding what to expect from different kinds of decking. Youll notice a few key differences in performance and longevity, but there is one benefit both products have in common: Each is made from 95 recycled

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This is done by screwing every deck board to every joist that it covers over along the frame. Use two decking screws where each bard meets a joist. Remember to include the relevant expansion gap between the boards. Step 8. Use a sander to smooth over any cut ends and apply an end grain preserver to protect the timber from rot and decay.

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Decking Rack Deck Channel Rack Deck Clearance Bar Sloped Steel Rack Deck Solid Steel Rack Decking HeavyDuty Adj Steel Shelving HeavyDuty Roll

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9. Semi Buried Pool with Composite Deck. Now heres a unique above ground pool design. Pool deck is placed at ground level, and the pool walls and top rails are wrapped in wood, with extra wide planks. This pool sits on the ground, which is one of the great advantages of above ground pools no excavation.

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The deck is about 3 feet above the ground at the house and about feet above ground 14 feet away from the house. Ive cled under to check it out theres just enough room to cl around and sure enough, the four feet closest to the house the old back fill has sunk about a foot, and in places there are bigger sink holes leading right to

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The decking platform stands higher than 30 cm above the ground The decking structure, together with other outdoor buildings, sheds and extensions, covers an area, which is larger than 50 of the total garden space. If the deck affects negatively the value of your neighbours properties or disturbs their privacy.

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You have to measure from the ground up for each post in regards to how high to attach the 2 x 6 boards. The posts near the stairs are on higher ground that the ones on the other side by almost a foot. From one side of the stairs to the other is a 10 1/2inch slope. Measure, measure, and measure again to ensure your deck is good and level.

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The Titan Deck Foot Anchor could possibly be the best approach for building a lowlevel deck with your space and height restriction. It is the Seven Trustt ground anchor system on the marketa secure system for decks as low as 2. You would also have to remove some of the grade to use this solution.

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Some decking products with limited drainage recommend sloping the deck frame to a 1/4 vertical per 12 horizontal pitch. This slope is small enough to escape detection by the naked eye, but enough to force water away from the house. In order to do this you will have to trim the structural posts by a small amount to tilt the frame slightly

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Im planning a decked area which is to sit over some sloped Tarmac. I want the finshed floor level of the deck to be roughly the same as the Tarmac at the point the decking starts and to then be level as the Tarmac slopes away underneath.

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Installing a GroundLevel Deck Over Concrete Patio. Courtesy Seven Trust Decking. This may be valuable in situations where the base does not have a definite slope. Allow a gap of at least 1/4 between the deck boards for additional ventilation and drainage. Use face fasteners not hidden fasteners to attach the deck boards to the sleepers.

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Cost: A patio installation will cost about 40 less than a deck installation for a groundlevel area like this. For a 300 s.f. space, a deck would start at around 9,000, while a patio would start at around 4,500. Our Call: The patio is the better option.

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Total height of low level ground level deck. Apr 28, 20 11:17 AM. I am building a 10x12deck not attached to a ledger board . My plan was to pour concrete footings, then run doubled up 2x8 beams setting on the footings. Read More. Height of Deck Against Door Threshold. Sep 04, 19 11:12 AM

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Decking which is raised off the ground will require deeper footings the higher the deck is raised off the ground, the deeper the holes should be. Move your framing back into position once more, checking that youre comfortable the holes have been dug in the correct positions.

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Slope the ground to drain water away from the deck and/or main structure. Again, DO NOT build your Seven Trust wood deck over a concrete slabs or blocks, ever Concrete causes water retention and this will make boards to begin cupping and crowning.

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Ground level decks can be any shape or size, depending on your needs. Put them close to the house as a transition from inside to outside, or toward the edges of your property to create an island oasis. You can find free ground level deck plans and design tools at the websites of home improvement centers and manufacturers of decking and deck parts.

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Check the ground is even. Use a flat surface a decking board or tamper is perfect for this and place a spirit level on top to check the ground is even. If the spirit level indi es the ground is uneven, level it out with extra soil or compact the soil to flatten it out.