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Decking boards are hollow extruded planks that are attached with hidden fasteners, with ends covered by caps. This is a lighterweight product than the other solid, compressionmolded decking offered by several other companies.

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The following sections from the PCI Design Handbook include interaction curves, load tables, and section properties for various precast concrete components. You can access tables from previous editions of the handbook as well as the current edition. For additional explanations on using these tables, refer to the respective handbook editions.

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Beam load charts simply provide the range of load capacities available for a given crosssection. For any of the load tables, if the users case is at the extreme upper end of the table, it may be more economical to consider the next deeper section as the addition of concrete may be more than offset by a reduction in prestressing strand required.

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Load Tables Download load tables for Spancrete hollowcore in the following egories. Ultralight. Standard. EX120. Load Table Booklets. MSOE Parking Deck Soccer Field. Milwaukee, WI. Middleton Fire and EMS. Middleton, WI. Three Bears Lodge Indoor Waterpark. Warrens, WI. Swedish Covenant Parking and Medical Commons.

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The dead load of the decking is low yet it provides a working platform for other tra d e s . Its dieset ends p r ovide neat fitting end laps and the whole deck is sufficiently imp e r vious to minimize concre t e leakage and to pre v ent moisture loss from the bottom surface during the curing period. T h e r e is a surprising number of

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5. Hollow. Stiffer and almost 25 percent lighter than a solid board. End caps stop bugs from nesting inside. Fastens like a solid board. 1.9 pounds per foot. 6.90 per square foot Installing It Right Photo by K. Krebs/Plainpicture/Corbis. Dont assume this decking goes down just like wood. Here are a few important differences to

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Discover the many Seven Trust deck board styles and colors available, such as Spiced Rum. Order samples of Seven Trust composite decking to find your perfect fit, shipped directly to your door

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Deciding upon your type of decking used to be an easy choice you could choose wood or wood. And while there might have been a number of species of wood to choose from there certainly werent the plethora of options we have available to us in this day and age.. Nowadays there are countless surfaces, colours composites which can all affect the lifespan, maintenance, ecofriendliness

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Many of the mock rocks can be used as fake rock covers for backflow valves. Fake rocks models 103, 110, 116, and 117 are the most popular options for backflow protection and insulation. Prop Rocks For Stage Productions, Parades, and Movie Sets. Making faux rocks from scratch can be a very timeconsuming process.

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Flexiteek is the original synthetic teak decking material for boats and market leader in our field since 2000. Flexiteek always have and will continue to strive for excellence. We learn through experience and pushing the boundaries. It is this commitment that keeps Flexiteek at the top of our game. : Dekorra Fake Rock Septic Cover Model 111 : Dekorra Fake Rock Septic Cover Model 111 Riverbed : Landscape Artificial Rock 36 L x 31 W x 16 H See inner dimensions on chart in image as rocks taper rock is incredibly durable so it can withstand the elements Artificial rock look Ground stakes included Completely hollow Made of polyethylene Made in America Assembly


products. For the most current load tables, refer to the IAPMO ER329 report online at Your Feedback is Welcome Leading the way in steel deck innovation is dependent upon your feedback. We invite architects, engineers, building owners, and all members of the building design and construction industry to reach out to ASC Steel Deck

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We do not recommend using any composite decking with a hollow core . We do not recommend using any composite decking with a hollow core . Were so excited to now be the one and only Victorian stockist of the Number 1 decking brand in the world Seven Trust Decking Come and see us for a quote.

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Our Decking Comparison Tool contains comparison data of the most popular decking materials available today. Compare the most popular Seven Trust , Seven Trust, Seven Trust, and composite decking brands and product lines with our comparison tool below. Please click on any 3 items for direct comparison of pricing, colors, fire resistance, warranties and

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HomeAdvisors Composite Decking Material Guide compares the best composite deck materials: synthetic decking, plastic decks, vinyl, recycled rubber, and other manmade, maintenancefree materials. Read our reviews of each artificial type, including info on top brands.

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Technical Innovation in Steelwork Connections: steel, cavity, decking, support floor fixings. Established 1934, creator of the Girder Clamp, HolloBolt FloorFast

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Whether its trim, moulding, deck, porch, railing or paver products: Seven Trusts technical documentation is the place to start for all of the information you need.

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Anchor Fastening Technical Guide 1.0 Introduction 4 Hilti, Inc. US 18008798000 I en espaol 18008795000 I Hilti Canada Corp. 18003634458 I I Anchor Fastening Technical Guide 2011 1.1 A bout Published Load Values The Anchor Fastening Technical Guide is intended to We passionately create enthusiastic customers and build

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The joist spacing shown is also valid if the decking is laid in a diagonal patern to the joist. The spans shown are typically used even with heavy loads such as hot tubs. Call Us Toll Free: 18772323915

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Can also be used for decking appli ions. Available Lengths: 12 ft 365 cm 16 ft 487 cm Description: Transcend Porch. 1 x 4.5 x 12 1 x 4.5 x 16 Color:



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Deck building and maintaining requires a few tools: pressure washer, circular saws and more. Consider renting the tools you need from us, especially if you plan on using them only once or twice a year. Get inspired by our DIY decking ideas pulled together by our experts. Deck Railings. Deck Tiles. Deck Boards.

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See the Deck Post Size Table to make that determination because it will affect the size of beam you choose. The Deck Beam Span Table on this page makes it easy to determine how far apart your posts and therefore the span of the beam should be. But lets first explain what the numbers in the chart actually mean, because it can be a bit confusing.

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Decking is sold in the nominal 5/4by6 size, which actually measures 1 inch by 51/2 inches. Each linear foot of decking thus contains 66 cubic inches, or 0.03819 cubic feet. A 12foot decking board of nominal size 5/4by6 contains 0.4583 cubic feet of material.

Corrugated Metal Floor Decks

Corrugated metal floor decks are used to build floors with a heavy load bearing capacity. Concrete is generally poured over composite floor deck panels to form the floor structure. Use our handy charts to find out the span and gauge of metal floor decking that best suits your particular flooring project.

Comparing Deck Materials: Wood, WoodComposite, and PVC

When planning an outdoor deck, perhaps the biggest decision you face is which material to use for the decking. While most decks use pressuretreated wood lumber for the understructure posts, beams, joists, etc. , the decking can be a completely different materialor not.

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Snow load will affect a decks weight load in a big way. Where I live and work, in the Minneapolis area, we need to build decks to support 50 lbs. per square foot. To support 50 lbs., first consider that 40 lbs. is what we consider dead load. Then the remaining 10 lbs. is considered live load.

Load Table 8 Mid South Prestress

239 Safe superimposed live load, psf 0.3 Estmated Camber at Erection, in 0.4 Estmated LongTime Camber, in rci Tct fpu 5000 psi 3500 psi 3000 psi 270 ksi Section Properties Untopped 259 in2 3197 in4 4.85 in 621 in3 659 in3 67 psf Topped 5200 806 in3 937 in3 11.80 in 92 psf Pattern

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decking brings you highstyle, lowmaintenance composite decking products all backed by industryleading warranties. Use the filters to find the boards with the right color, pricing, and features for you. Seven Trust. Vintage Collection

Cantilever Beams Moments and Deflections

Cantilever Beam Declining Distributed Load. Maximum Reaction Force. at the fixed end can be expressed as: R A q L / 2 4a where . R A reaction force in A N, lb q declining distributed load max value at A zero at B N/m, lb/ft Maximum Moment. at the fixed end can be expressed as. M max M A

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Corrugated Deck: UL D780: PDF: DWG: D780 Unres All: D780 Unres MK6GF: D780 Unres Z106HY NA: NA: NA 3 1/4 LWC, Fluted: UL D782: PDF: DWG: D782 Unres All: D782 Unres MK6GF: D782 Unres Z106HY: NA: NA: NA NonLoad Restricted: 21/2 NWC, Fluted: UL D798: PDF: NA: D798 Unres NWC All: D798 Unres NWC MK6GF: D798 Unres LWC Z106HY: D798 Res NWC All

3.6 HollowCore Load Tables cont. PCI

3.6 HollowCore Load Tables cont. Load capacities shown include dead load of 10 lb/ft2 for untopped members and 15 lb/ft2 for topped members. Remainder is live load. Longtime cambers include superimposed dead load but do not include live load. Capacity of sections of other configurations are similar. For precise values, see local hollowcore

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Available in groovededge boards for our hidden deck fasteners or squareedge for traditional installation. Made of highperformance composite wont rot, warp or splinter, unlike wood. Made of 95 recycled materials, with a low carbon footprint. Easytobuild decking no specialty tools required. Lightweight scalloped profile for easy handling

Material Weights

Hollow Clay Tile load bearing 23.0psf Hollow Clay Tile nonbearing 18.0psf Hollow Gypsum Block 8 thick 26.0psf Limestone 55.0psf Terracotta Tile 25.0psf Stone 55.0psf 8 Concrete Wall 100.0 psf Wood Paneling, 1 2.5psf

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The Hollow Core slab is manufactured in a standard 4 width and 8, 12, and 12 thicknesses using a continuous concrete extrusion process. Zeroslump, highstrength concrete with a 28day strength in excess of 8,000 psi and diameter, 270 ksi, low relaxation steel strands are used in the process.


M Service load moment Mcr Cracking moment Md Unfactored dead load moment Mg Unfactored selfweight moment Mn Nominal flexural strength Mn Flexural strength under fire conditions Mmax Maximum factored moment due to externally applied loads Mu M d Msd Unfactored moment due to superimposed dead load Mu Factored design moment


N32 Roof Deck A 32 wide by 3 deep roof deck profile providing a 10 improvement in steel utilization and up to 20 reduction in installation costs as compared to the industry standard N24 panel. Our Company ASC Steel Deck is a structural steel deck manufacturer leading the way through an unmatched commitment to

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Check out our comprehensive composite decking comparison pricing chart for the most popular brands available, including the average cost of Seven Trust decking. Seven Trust s lowmaintenance decks cost roughly two to five times more than wood, depending on the performance tier which ranges from lowcost to Seven Trust, but they last for decades and offer a lower