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Deck or Porch Advantages and disadvantages myporches biggest disadvantage of a deck is the dependence on weather conditions. However, when choosing a deck, there is no possibility of blocking the light by the structure, as it has no roof on the contrary: the large, usually glass door leading to the deck space will certainly bring light to

6 Advantages and 6 Disadvantages of Composite Decking Mar 03, 2007 0183 32One thing to add to the disadvantages list is not just that it wears easily, it also scratches and gouges easily as my neighbor learned the first day he had his composite deck and dragged out his barbecue for a christening party.

Pros and Cons of Wood Decks Home Guides SF Gate and Cons of Wood Decks. A wellconstructed deck can easily last for a decade or more, so choosing the right material is critical. While manufacturers continue to introduce synthetic and

Selecting Pool deck types. Advantages/Disadvantages Sep 07, 2010 0183 32Types of pool decks: Here are a list of some advantages/disadvantages of different pool decks out there that would be the area you walk on around your swimming pool. Kool Deck least expensive, very cool on your feet, great for resistance to slipping. Stains easily, harder to maintain, can start wearing off in 10 years.

An Attached Deck VS Floating: Which Is Better For You Jul 24, 2018 0183 32Can be built anywhere. Great for pools or gazebos. If your home is oddly shaped and wont support an attached deck you can still build one freestanding. Its simpler because theres no need to worry about a ledger board and installing that properly or drilling into the side of your house.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using 0183 32Value: Although the initial cost of composite decking can be higher, when you factor in the cost of ongoing maintenance required with a wood deck, a composite deck can end up paying for itself in well under 10 years. The Disadvantages of Composite Decking: Sunlight and UV Rays

Deck vs Patio: Pros and Cons of Each 13, 2013 0183 32Decks are typically enclosed with some type of railing and often offer the homeowner excellent views of their surroundings. Patio vs. Deck: A Cost Comparison. As with all renovation projects, your budget will likely impact your choice, and the range for a deck or patio addition project can be large.Patio Or Deck: Whats The DifferenceOftentimes homeowners use these terms interchangeably, but there are differences between the two. A patio refers to an outdoor space placed directl Patio vs. Deck: A Cost ComparisonAs with all renovation projects, your budget will likely impact your choice, and the range for a deck or patio addition project can be large. For i Return on Investment ROI Aside from the initial cost to construct a patio, you should consider your return on investment ROI if, in the future, you plan to sell. Renovati Which Is Best For Your NeedsAside from cost, youll want to determine which outdoor addition works best for the purpose for which you hope to use it. Do you want to incorporat

Pros and Cons of Composite Decks Quicken Loans Zing Blog 12, 2013 0183 32Composite decks have a ton of great benefits and are ecofriendly however, they also have a few dbacks including the price tag. Amazing Insights on Home, Money and Life Mortgage

Pros and cons of the most popular wood deck materials In relation to these important decking questions, a tropical Seven Trust deck appears to be the superior option of all. Its competitive benefits justify the cost of a highend project, it outlasts pressuretreated lumber and softwood decks and will save you money in a long run. On the other hand, softwood and pressuretreated lumber decks are